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| Loyalty is Not a Word, It’s our slogan

We are loyal first & foremost to the company. We know that each of our customers, vendors and team members are served better when we make decisions that are ultimately in the long term best interest of the organization.
About Us

About Bright Diva International

Bright Diva is a well-established & fastest growing distributor in the field of cosmetics, beauty care, personal care, perfumes, FMCG & F&B products. 


A result-oriented distributor of international beauty brands, which prides itself in establishing long-term business developments and eventually making unique international brands accessible to consumers across all key markets in Greater Asia. 

Deep knowledge of all channels and distributions options enable us to quickly find the best strategy for your brand. Being complimentary among all channels enables us to maximize the potential of your brand within the region. 

Group being led by founders with immense experience in distribution & with the know-how balancing strategies, has elevated the group to greater heights having resulted in 9 branch offices across continents & accomplishing a work force of 250, within a short span since its establishment in 2015. 


Considerate distributor working closely with principals and adding value to distribution channels.  The combined experience of market awareness & professional expertise of our team will add value to any brand seeking to expand into these markets.

We embrace & drive change and move fast. We are an aggressive brand builder, being passionate and love what we do.



Mr. Anup Agarwal

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Mr. Deepak Agrawal

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Mr. Xu Chun He

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Values & Mission

“Bright Diva International Limited” is committed to developing “reliable and performing products”to international reputation. With connections to all facets of the beauty industry “Bright Diva” is well equipped with the right tools and know-how to take existing brands and grow their sales, customer base and network into a national icon.

Our tenacious efforts of staying on par with the market, our heritage, and our immense experience is what makes this family a unique and crafted team.


The pillars of our accomplishment is defined by the core leadership principles that make up “The Bright Diva Pathway”. It’s who we are, what we do and what drives our extraordinary success.

Values & Misson

Customer Satisfaction

The ideal customer satisfaction is a set of interactions that consistently exceeds the needs and anticipations of a customer, letting them to gain and enjoy their expectation in a promising ambience. As a matter of fact, this enables us to cultivate customer loyalty & in turn regain their delighted reciprocation as a reward for our extended services as a token of appreciation.  The customers are the judges of the company, creating referral, retention & profitable growth.  Our sincere thanks to all our customers who have given us this success.

Customer Satisfaction

Fully Integrated Network

In a highly competitive and growing market, Bright Diva is head quartered in Hong Kong & has physical presence in 9 countries with a strong sales team covering the Asia Region. 

Our team knows that every channel has different needs, and different clients. That's why our Sales Team is backed by our professional brand trainers. Having the right information on time is commitment to our excellent customer service.

Fully Integrated Network

Channel Partner


Global Offices




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